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Grenfell Tower had unfit lifts and unsuitable water mains, inquiry hears

The fire safety flaws that lay undetected for over a decade have been revealed by a fire safety expert during an inquiry into the tragedy.

Dr Barbara Lane, an expert witness who analysed the fire for the investigation, said safety measures within the building were not suitable and many external materials flammable.

Work done on the lifts in 2005 and 2012-16 left them unfit for evacuating the building of vulnerable residents and aiding the emergency response, Dr Lane said on Monday.

They lacked features including an escape hatch, a secondary power supply or doors that can resist a fire for 60 minutes, it was heard.

Throughout the building was installed in 2016 and remained exposed at key points during the fire, the expert continued.

The riser – one of six running vertically up the block – moved horizontally into the flats, where it penetrated both the protected stairwell and flat wall.

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