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Lift Shaft Fire Stopping & Certification | UKFSI
Lift Shaft Fire Stopping & Certification | UKFSI


UKFSI are not only experts in the installation of all types of passive fire protection. We are also the only UK company that specialises in the installation of passive fire protection systems within a lift shaft. Building compartmentation is an integral part of a buildings fire safety strategy. Lift shafts are usually the only building compartment that connects all other compartments. If a fire was to breach into your lift shaft because of poor fire stopping. This could allow fire, smoke and toxic gasses to travel to other areas of a building extremely quickly. This could put a building, and its occupants, at significant risk. We find that level of risk unacceptable.
Why choose UKFSI?? We are Safe Contractor certified. Our engineers are NVQ qualified in PFP Installation and hold EOR202 Lift Safety certification.


Contact us today to see how we can help you with your buildings passive fire protection.

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